Here’s Johnny!

It’s like two books in one: a book of poetry that encompasses America’s past through the vehicle of Johnny Appleseed. As he moves through the country sowing his seeds, the American landscape, too, evolves, warts and all. The lives of pioneers and settlers, the displacement of Native Americans, slavery, the Pony Express right up to the internet. It’s such an accomplishment. And the end notes are as entertaining as the poetry. If history had been taught like this, I would have come to it much earlier.” ~Elizabeth Kerlikowske, author of Chain of Lakes, the chapbook, Last Hula, (winner of the 2013 Standing Rock Chapbook Competition), and Art Speaks, a collaboration with artist Mary Hatch

The beautiful cover art is by Ladislav Hanka. “Colony Farm Orchard Script” is a drawing over hand-tinted paper.

To find out more about Johnny Appleseed: The Slice and Times of John Chapman, and where it’s available for purchase, check out the Book page within Clark’s site.

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