Journals & Magazines

A sampling of Jennifer’s work that can be read on-line:


“Obsession #248: Moths” at Ecotone

“Saint of the Broom” at Amsterdam Quarterly

“A Concise History of Michigan Cartology” at failbetter

“The Pope must canonize a Patron Saint of Rats right now” at  Columbia Journal

“Addressing the flaxen spirit” and “Linen Women” at EcoTheo Review

“In America, we love firsts” at Museum of Americana

“Turbulent Times” at Amethyst Review


“A Fleeting History of Phylum, Class, Order, and Family” at The Sonder Review 

“Measured Thoughts on Cooking at Flyway, nominated for a Pushcart Prize


“Tendencies” at Fiction Fix,  received Editor’s Choice Award, nominated for a Pushcart

“Love in the Obituaries” at Structo

“Proposal pitching the next big breakthrough show to my hero, Andy Cohen of Bravo” at ALYSS

Where you can find some of her anthologized work:

The Poeming Pigeon: Pop Culture (The Poetry Box)

Mother Mary Comes to Me (Madville Publishing)

The Tyranny of Bacon (Pure Slush)

Nuclear Impact: Broken Atoms in Our Hands  An Anthology of Poetry (Shabda Press)

Dogs Singing – A Tribute Anthology (Salmon Poetry)

The Absence of Something Specified, variations on the theme of drought (Fern Rock Falls, Noah’s Shoes, Uttered Chaos, & Tiger’s Eye Press)

Full: A Moon Anthology (Two of Cups Press)

To Unsnare Time’s Warp: Stories & Poems about Dogs (Main Street Rag)